Untitled Zombie Game is a COD Zombies-inspired game. This project was mainly created for learning purposes.  File size is 114mb please be patient while it loads!


Remember to click in the game window to focus it!

It may take a while to load.  Unfortunately, Unity Web-GL runs noticeably worse than standalone builds, highly recommend downloading the standalone build.


wasd - move

t - check mag

y - inspect

r - reload

left click - shoot / cancel insert bullet reload

right click - hold  to ads

shift - run

g - cook grenade - let go of "g" to throw it

v - knife/melee

b - change fire mode

p - pause menu

scrollwheel - switch weapon

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(114 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Survival
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, guns, Low-poly, Unity, wave-based, Zombies
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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UZG_standalone_x64.zip 168 MB
UZG_standalone_x32.zip 165 MB

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wheres the boss for the graveyard map?

good game

UZG 1 is the best man keep up the good work 

NEX :)


I used to play a LOT of CoD zombies during the Black Ops and Black Ops 2 days, also back when I had better FPS skills, lmao. Playing this was familiar, but the small details you added made a difference in my opinion. Like having to manually reload over an automatic action (more realistic and challenging), adding a fire mode selection is something usually blocked behind an "upgrade" when realistically most guns have that anyways, and the mag check and inspection are nice little details. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this as part of my Awesome Indies 2 video. I'll probably play more in my free time, and checkout UZG 2.

Ayy thanks for checking it out! Try out the sequel!

Thanks for making an awesome game! I love wave survival zombie games like this, but after Black Ops 2, I got out of CoD because things just started to turn into microtransactions and other BS. But this is zombies to its roots, and as I mentioned, big fan of the small weapons details you added. Keep up the awesome work! See if I can convince some friends to try out UZG 2 with me since it's multi-player, lol.

gud game i got to lvl 40 before i died first try

he is the biggest fan of is game

It's the best fan game in the world :)


hey do not be bad :(

I just want to say that this is one of the best incomplete games I've ever seen. There is so much potential here, and I love playing it. I would just like to suggest that you clean up the UI a little bit and add a multiplayer, but other than that I have no complaints. 10/10!!!

Deleted post

does anyone else shift get disabled? 


Repairing the planks adds points instead of substracting them.


intentional game design


and in call of duty, when you repair the planks, you get ten points per plank you repair

Figured it out, also, found a bug


It would be nice t have a full screen option in game, The one there doesnt work for my windows 11

can you fix the fact that it resets to the highest graphics settings after every round im on samsung chromebook 3 btw

Am I just mental, or how would one get quick-reload on the demo level?

iirc it's the green one, farthest from spawn corner, you can jump across from the ramp

Deleted 132 days ago

made it 38, ggs

game framrate dies after first round, is there any reason for that?

just a huge performance hit

I'm on web btw

I figured it out, a bug sets your resolution scale to 200% after each round


Love the game, it is so much fun to play COD zombies whilst I'm just sitting in my class doing nothing


I like this project of yours


shit game

Deleted 175 days ago
(1 edit) (-1)

1: did you play it? 

2: why did you say that?


i eat children


aryan likes alone time with his daddy


can you make this controller compatible please.

P.S. great game


beat the "Lab"

(1 edit)

congrats bro i almost beat the lab but every time i get 6666 points i die.

Thanks dude it took me I think maybe 1/2 hours or 2.5 hour

NP bro

Hey if you want to know something the game has a bug where you can turn the teleporter on when you have around 5000 points so you really don't need 6666 points but instead ABOUT 4730 points. Just remember to not buy the shotgun on the wall but the "M9"

ight thx bro

how tell me pls

At least i got through the portal


gg tho

can somebody explain how the pack-a-punch works? does it fade over time? what does it do? does it give you unlimited ammo? please explain somebody

a bit late but it upgrades the guns damage and sometimes ammo and mag capacity it doesnt give infin ammo or fade it is permanent until u die or change/drop the gun


IllegitimationStation5 months ago

Thanks nex! 


IllegitimationStation5 months ago

Laboratory Level:


whenever i take the portal in lab i get sent to the backrooms and get shredded by zombs before i can react. i must find a way to SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!11

keep a crawler go thru and open some doors your gonna need some room

trust me

should add attachments that you can get for the guns so it makes it a little easy I'm just going off of what I feel at the moment recoils amazing I found the shooting range a lot more helpful then I thought when I needed to adjust my settings for sensitivity and what not. And honestly I can say I hope to see this game become bigger and even more better then it already is I recommended it to a lot of my friends and I'm happy with this.


are you still working on another one?

yes! It’s been out for a while

The damage that the zombies do is rediculous



I'm on a crappy Samsung Chromebook and its doing surprisingly well with low on all graphics settings. Fps average is usually between 20 and 40.

Deleted post
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Larry is dead. I'm finally done

Tips from me:

- Barrett 50 Cal does a lot of damage. You should use it to kill Larry

- MG-42 has (i think) unlimited ammo

- Both of the weapons mentioned above have to be upgraded

- B-Hopping is very crucial to survive (yes you can bhop in this game)


cool asf

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