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The sequel to UZG,  a survival shooter inspired by COD Zombies, now features multiplayer, better stylized low-poly graphics, punchy gunplay,  gun customization, and many more awesome features.


Left Click - Shoot

Right Click - Aim

WASD - Move

Left Shift - Sprint

Space Bar - Jump

Q - Change Gun Attachments

H - Heal

Mouse Scroll Wheel - Switch Weapons

C or Left Ctrl (While Sprinting) - Slide

C or Left Ctrl - Crouch

Left Alt - Switch Sight (While Aiming) (Hybrid Sights Only)

E or F - Interact, Revive Player

V or Back Side Mouse Button - Melee

Y - Inspect Weapon

T or ENTER - Open In Game Chat

Tab or ESC - Pause Menu

U - Unlock Cursor

L - Lock Cursor


Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date Oct 03, 2022
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Survival
Made withUnity, Audacity, Blender
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, Low-poly, Multiplayer, Unity, wave-based, Zombies
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


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I experienced a bug where I joined a server with 2 people in it who had already started the game. When I joined I could see the players but I got killed by invisible zombies and I couldn't shoot or see them. Not sure why this happened but please fix it.


so it not a browser game any more nex 

It's called reading the patch notes



its a bad game any way man

ya man 


he is  not doing the browser version 


Fantastic game, 10/10. Please keep working on this it's awesome

when will the game release, i can't find the play button

what happened to the gam

Ну что сказать печально что этот проект перестал работать в браузере , но ничего, зато появился мультиплеер. Еще мне не нравится что появился баланс в передвижении и особо сильно зомби не покрутишь. Спасибо разработчик за такую хорошую игра.


I really love this game! Although next update do you think you can add something like the Dead Ops Arcade mode from Black Ops  Zombies? If not its still an amazin game:)

suprisingly fun, i really enjoyed this game and got my friend to install it. I think the balancing works better with more players -although it's probably a skill issue as i'm not very good 


I do agree that it is harder solo, just because the game doesn't adjust any of the zombie's parameters based on player count. However next update you will be able to adjust zombie health damage speed to your preference :)

Deleted post

thank you!

Deleted post

It will next update, there’s just some issues with file size being too large :(


its really heart warming to see someone still care about low end pc users!

Thank you!

update the game where you can revive

Reviving works, it’s just not very clear where you have to aim at the moment. Hold e or f while looking at someone’s feet to revive them

liked first version more lol cuz there spots u can js afk at, there aint regen for health which is fair but like damn idek how much perks cost and what they do

(1 edit)

Press H to heal ;) displayed by health icons at the bottom 

There’s a more health perk, faster revive, faster reload, faster fire rate, extra weapon slot perk. I’ll make this more clear eventually. And I think AFK spots take the skill out of the game 

true lol, that one dock map i was js afking till the zombies there and use the minigun but i was distracted by other games


Now that you're slowing down with the updates (while the game is still in beta nonetheless) I'm half-tempted to remake UZG.


game sucks lmao

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has the melee been fixed and is this game coming too mac

no and not sure tbh i dont have a mac

womp womp

Deleted post

not sure trying to figure out some issues with it

what are controls for game pad?

it’s not fully supported but I think basic movement and shooting works. Navigating menus doesn’t work sadly

k thx

Deleted post

Yes it’s only the browser version that’s not up yet

there isnt a browser it say no game uploaded?


Working on it, itch isn’t letting me upload it

how are you supost to turn on the power in military base? is that it? there is no prompt to buy to get rid of the fence

I’ll look into it

it's not dead let's go


are you repairing the revive in the future or is this an out of date project

are you gonna make a mac version? i want to play it with my friend but he plays on mac

Why isn't the farm map working


controller controlls are very buggy :( and no shoot 

why tf when you press enter without typing in the chat box it says "I Love PALESTINE"?!?!?!

and then if the dev supports Palestine is it wrong?

because saying that is an anti-israeli dog whistle 

That’s why we say it, you dummy.

when is the offline mode update?

 when i press e or f it does not do anything

i cant log in anymore please fix browser version


it doesn't work for me


PLS 32 bit


I know that this is probably unfair to ask but is there going  to be a fix to the game on browser/Linux that allows you to get past the login screen sometime in the future?

(2 edits)

the game worked a while ago and now it gets stuck on a loading screen can you help?,also amazing work

So, in the shooting range, I noticed that the Vector does not ADS properly, and the model is about a foot above the player's head. Only a handful of weapons can be modified, and some pistols do not sit properly in the player's hands. I am on a Mac using the browser,  so that may be the issue, but I just wanted to point these out because these are some problems I have encountered.

thank you! I am aware of most of these issues. Update 0.4.0 will revamp weapons and every weapon will get fully updated sounds and have attachments set up :)

Awesome. I love these projects you've been making, and I am excited to see how this one turns out.

thanks for the support :D

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